Marblehead Author Holding Book Signing at Spirit of '76 Saturday

Dr. Irv Danesh will be signing his new book at Spirit of '76 Bookstore in Marblehead Saturday afternoon.


The following information was submitted by Rob Sisti: 

It’s been quite an adventurous road leading up to today for Marblehead-resident Dr. Irv Danesh. 

This Saturday, April 12th from 1pm – 3pm at the Spirit of ’76 Bookstore in Marblehead, he’ll be signing copies of his book The Loco Life of Doctor Taco

Join us as Dr. Irv recounts some of his more memorable experiences, legal and other, from his time in medical school at Universidad del Noreste in Tampico, Mexico in the late ‘70s as well as talking about his role as Associate Producer and Medical Consultant on USA Network’s hit TV series Royal Pains, and finally his true passion Emergency Medicine which he’s practiced and taught for close to three decades.

“Shaman, Showman, and Human, Dr. Irv is the real deal and every word in here is hilarious and true. You will not be able to put this book down!”  -- Don Scardino, Producer/Director of NBC’s 30 Rock

The truth about the book The Loco Life of Doctor Taco … it’s the story of a super underachiever, who journeys to medical school in Mexico in the late ‘70s, basically because Mexico is the only place that will take him, as long as he has money. 

Along with a cadre of pre-med Expatriates, his eyes are opened to some insane realities of life south of the border at Universidad del Noreste in Tampico Mexico, where his curriculum included scamming, smuggling, prostitution, grave robbing, alligator hunting, drunk professors and finally growing up. The hard way.

Now legally licensed to practice medicine, Doctor Taco could actually be your doctor in the great  state of Massachusetts! Check out the trailer The Loco Life of Doctor Taco trailer on Vimeo .

“Dr. Irv Danesh’s story of his experiences as a medical student in Mexico is truly brilliant. Trust me. I play a doctor on TV.” -- Mark Feuerstein, Dr. Hank Lawson on USA Network’s   Royal Pains

Doctor Taco goes to Hollywood. Dr. Irv went on to join the launch team of USA Network’s  Royal Pains in 2008. 

As Associate Producer and Medical Consultant over the first three seasons, Dr. Irv kept it real on set ensuring proper ER techniques like avoiding reading X-rays upside down or intubating the neighbor’s dog incorrectly at a Barkmitzvah in the Hamptons.

He is credited with crafting the MacGyver-esque medical techniques into the story line for the hit TV series where of course you can’t diminish his many creative uses for fish hooks and drill bits. Check out the video USA Network's Royal Pains w/ Dr. Irv Danesh video on Vimeo

Dr. Irv Danesh’s highlights throughout his life as a medical professional are vast. He has excelled at not only practicing medicine at the highest level but also Chairing committees

and teaching at the some of the most respected institutions throughout New England including Tufts University School of Medicine and New England Medical Center, and was also part of the Massachusetts Bioterrorism Committee post-9/11. Currently Dr. Irv is part of the lead Emergency Medicine team at Lawrence General Hospital.

Excerpts from the book The Loco Life of Doctor Taco, Dr. Irv’s El Bloggo, and our participating retailers, can all be found at www.doctortacobook.com. You can also follow Dr. Irv on Twitter (@doctortacobook) and like him on Facebook (The Loco Life of Doctor Taco by Dr. Irv Danesh). 

The book signing for The Loco Life of Doctor Taco is Saturday, April 12th at the Spirit of ’76 Bookstore from 1pm – 3pm. The Spirit of ’76 Bookstore is located at 107 Pleasant Street, Marblehead, MA 01945, phone 781.631.7199.


For more information on Dr. Irv Danesh (a.k.a. Doctor Taco) including inquiries on speaking engagements, book signings, media interviews and business development, please contact Rob Sisti, Marketing & PR, at 401.497.3919 / rob@lousid.com.


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