More Manchester Arrives in Marblehead

The House of Pizza is now Chelby's Pizza.

As each new scene is filmed for the Adam Sandler movie Grown Ups 2, it seems more and more local storefronts are getting Hollywood makeovers - some made to depict businesses in Manchester, N.H., one of Sandler's favorite hang-outs. 

The latest is the on Atlantic Avenue, which saw their signature logo replaced with a Chelby's Pizza sign Monday evening.

The shop was transformed so that a can be shot in the heart of town today and tomorrow. David Spade's character is supposed to roll through Marblehead in a giant tire before Shaquille O'Neal, who plays to the town cop, stops him.

Other local businesses that have gotten Grown Ups 2 touch-ups include , which became Manchester's ; and J. Martin Furnishings became ; and most recently , which was turned into .

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Don Rothenberg June 27, 2012 at 01:24 PM
If Sandler and crew.... wanted everything to look like Manchester,N.H.,,,,they should have filmed the damn movies up there. In my humble opinion they are a disruption to town, in a otherwise beautiful summer!
Donna Michaud June 27, 2012 at 04:42 PM
To Don Rothenberg with his less than nice comments about Adam Sandler's movie -lighten up! There are many residents of Marblehead who are enjoying the "disruption" around town. Living on Pleasant Street, I had to park elsewhere, deal with bumper to bumper traffic ....and so what?? I'm thrilled that Adam Sandler picked Marblehead to film his movie "Grown Ups 2". I only hope he comes back to film "Grown Ups 3". I had the pleasure of meeting him and have talked with his crew on many occasions, and. they have all been nothing but pleasant and respectful. So, to Don Rothenberg, maybe I shouldn't say "lighten up" but "grow up"!!
The Voice of Reason September 20, 2012 at 01:08 PM
Don- Sorry to hear that your life was so disrupted this past summer. Let's just hope that they come back for Grown Ups 3.


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