Marblehead's Top 5 Stories of The Week

In case you missed something, here are our top five stories of the week.

Here are our top five stories of the week, they are listed in no particular order. Click on the headlines to read the full story.

Fire Officials Urge Local Residents to Stay Off the Ice [VIDEO]: Marblehead Fire Chief Jason Gilliland put it plainly Monday morning. "We will never tell anybody that the ice is safe in Marblehead because we are dealing with spring-fed fresh water ponds," he said. "Those ponds, in my opinion, are never safe."

: When we stopped by the storefront Monday afternoon, the lights were on, the door was open and Oceanview Glass owner Steve Graves was hard at work in the rear of the shop, getting the space ready for business.

: Salem and Marblehead's latenight "mystery explosions" have become something of a local conversation piece. The latest report was in the early hours Saturday morning, when residents in both Marblehead and Salem called 911 to report hearing what sounded like a firework or gunshot in their neck of the woods.

: Haley's Wine and Spirits co-owner Julie Vinette will attend Wednesday night's Board of Selectmen's meeting at Abbot Hall in the hopes of obtaining a common victualler's license for Haley's Market Cafe.

ConsCom Approves Goldthwait Osprey Nest: At their meeting at the Mary Alley Municipal Building Thursday night, the Marblehead Conservation Commission unanimously approved a request to erect an osprey nesting pole at the Goldthwait Reservation.

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