Marblehead Patch Reader Comments of the Week

Here's a look back at some of the things our readers had to say this week.

Should Licensed Gun Owners Information Be Public?

Azikiel F Mason The West wasn't won with a registered gun. Free the right to bear arms. You're asking for a civil war when you publicize who has the right to bear arms...because then we know who don't.

Heidi-Jean F. Rossicone That makes a lot of sense actually.

Robert Moser What a good idea. Give criminals the information need to steal guns. How would this serve a legitimate purpose?

Joe Whipple Speaking of things that are not well thought out, having an abortion or opinions about gay rights are not matters of public record, so there is no way a citizen or a newspaper can obtain that information from the government.

Gerry MacDonald Information on gun owners should not be public as this would provide a list for criminals to break in and get more guns. If a person is licensed for a gun, the local police have that information and that is sufficient. This would also provide kids a list to try and get guns.


Who Do You Think Should Run For Kerry's Seat?

Buzz My answer would've been different before the current assault on the second amendment. I would like to see a solidly pro-gun candidate. It's not easy being a pro-gun liberal :(

Susan Sturgeon The more I hear about Markey the better I like him. Let's rally around, liberals, and do without the drama. We've had enough for awhile.

Johnny D Yup. Everyone that disagrees with your particular political views is an uneducated follower. Sorry, but my memory won't let me forget the 8 years that ruined America (2000-2008). Your guy had his chance, and it was a disaster. You are in the minority Debbie.

Brian Just to support gene's point: http://www.edweek.org/ew/qc/2012/16src.h31.html Mass. public schools are #2 in the country. Not exactly a "Laughingstock."

Darren R If I have to see Brown in his truck one more time on TV I'll puke.

Joan P. White No Question Michael Capuano, He did an outstanding job as Mayor of Somerville and has a sterling record. Read his record.....Quite a man


What's Next for Marblehead for Teens?

Paul Knight I was recruited by Molly a few weeks ago to join the MFT board and we're moving quickly to take this initiative forward. We met with Brendan Egan (Superintendent of Rec and Park) this week to discuss the possibility of utilizing the Community Center on weekend evenings for teen events and are preparing a proposal for Rec and Park Commission. Molly met with the teen council last night and they're very excited about it. MFT now has a web site at www.marbleheadforteens.org where you can quickly and easily make a DONATION with a credit card. We are organizing a Teen Entrepreneur sub-committee which will engage teens to raise their own funds for ongoing supoort. The first effort will be a teen managed eBay store sellling used laptops and other items. We've raised about $5000.00 this past week but need more funding to move this effort forward in a meaningful way. (i,e,- we currently are only able to pay Molly, our Executice Director, a part time salary although she has been working full time for months). MFT is moving forward, but we need your help. Please donate or contact Molly if you can volunteer time on Fridays and Saturdays from 6:00-10:00.


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