Haley's Market Cafe Will Have Wi-Fi, Fancy Lights [VIDEO]

Lights that change colors with the swipe of an iPhone are among the new features at Haley's Market Cafe on Washington Street.

Haley's Wine and Spirits co-owner Julie Vinette will attend Wednesday night's Board of Selectmen's meeting at Abbot Hall in the hopes of obtaining a common victualler's license for Haley's Market Cafe.

Along with her husband and Haley's co-owner Paul Baker, Vinette will soon reopen the space formerly occupied by The Rockhopper Cafe on Washington Street. The pair originally ran Foodie's Feast in the same location before it was sold and reopened as The Rockhopper.

Although the remodeling of the interior of the cafe was still very much a work in progress Monday afternoon, Vinette and Baker were quick to show of the eatery's new state-of-the-art lights, which change colors and can be controlled with an iPhone.

Customers can expect Wi-Fi, more comfortable furniture and a fresh paint job when Vinette and Baker open their doors.

Marblehead Patch will be sure to keep you posted as to when the cafe will open for business.

Larry Taitelbaum January 18, 2013 at 01:50 PM
I was once taught years ago that the fastest way to ruin a company is with great marketing (exposure) for a bad products (this vid). You'd be better off with out the video, at least till it is up and running. Sound is hardly there and the video shows a few lights of minor impact.


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