When Will the Fruit of the Four Seasons Building Come Down?

Wondering when the former Fruit of the Four Seasons building on Atlantic Avenue will be torn down? You're not the only one.

Every week we answer a question submitted by one of our readers as part of our You Ask...Patch Answers column.

On Thursday, we received an email from a local resident who was wondering when we can expect the former Fruit of the Four Seasons was going to be demolished.

He wrote: "I heard that they will be taking down the Four Seasons sometime before winter - do you know when? I'd love to get it on camera. Thanks!


Although the original plan was to have it torn down before winter arrives, the Fruit of the Four Seasons building won't be demolished until spring 2013, according to the Drumlin Group representative Richard Newburg.

"We won't be taking it down until early next year," Newburg said during a phone interview Monday afternoon.

At a meeting earlier this year, the Zoning Board of Appeals unanimously granted 34 Atlantic Avenue LLC permission to tear down the former market and build a new 2,000-square-foot commercial space in its space.

The plan was endorsed by both the Planning Board and the town's Design Review Board earlier this month, attorney Paul Lynch said at the meeting.

The new building will have two separate storefronts facing Atlantic Avenue and the latest plans call for the creation of several new parking spaces along Barnard Street.

Click through the photo gallery above for a computer rendering of what the new business space is expected to look like.

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