Comella's Restaurant Coming to Atlantic Avenue

The co-owner of Comella's Restaurants appeared before the Zoning Board of Appeals Tuesday night.

It looks like a Comella's Restaurant location will be opening on Atlantic Avenue in Marblehead.

At their meeting at Abbot Hall Tuesday night, members of Marblehead's Zoning Board of Appeals unanimously approved a request from Comella's Restaurants co-owner John Comella to open up a restaurant in the former Moran Studios space at the corner of Commercial Street and Atlantic Avenue.

Although Comella's request was to change the official use of the building from retail to restaurant, board members noted that they were actually switching it back - because the location was formerly the home of Shipyard Galley, which served breakfast and lunch. 

The small, "fast casual" Italian restaurant is expected to have seating for 12 and while sit-down eating is going to be an option, Comella said much of the business is expected to come from customers who call ahead and pick up their meal to go.

Comella's is a family-owned chain with locations in Arlington, Belmont, Chestnut Hill, Concord, Natick, Neeham, Wellesley, West Newton and West Roxbury.

Click Here for a closer look at their menu.

Full plans and information are currently available at the Town of Marblehead Engineering Department in the Mary Alley Municipal Building on Widger Road.

Have you ever been to Comella's before? Let us know in the comments section below.

mary p. ayer October 24, 2012 at 01:06 PM
Yummy---have been to the one in Needham and I think it will be a fun, and convienient addition to Marblehead. Now--let's bring in California Pizza Kitchen AND The Gingerbread Consrtruction Co. too!! We will all gain ten lbs.!!
The Kid October 24, 2012 at 04:52 PM
Excuse me while I yawn. Another Italian option? Look at all of the various fast casual Italian places -- Tony's, Joey Ds, Romanos, Cafe Vesuvius (I may be missing others) -- as well as of the other faster, more casual lunch options in town. Can a town like ours really support another one of these places? My prediction is that within 3 months of this arrival, one or more restaurants will go dark. Same thing will happen when the upscale fine dining restaurant at the Warwick opens. Diners in Marblehead are like moths who flitter to the brightest light.
Ruberon October 24, 2012 at 08:04 PM
I agree with The Kid. There is also Mino's, marblehead house of pizza, village roast beef. Can we get anything other than Italian fast food in marblehead?
Michael Austin October 25, 2012 at 02:57 AM
Another Italian restaurant? Not needed, not wanted, And yes one will not make it. Why not a decent French bakery because the new one on Washington just does not cut it.
Kathy Beurer October 26, 2012 at 08:39 PM
Our town could use a great breakfast joint that serves eggs, pancakes, bacon, waffles, crepes AND that also has a juice bar. A real juice bar with wheatgrass shots or healthy smoothies. If I had a clue about how to run a restaurant, I'd open one myself... right where Fruit of the Four Seasons used to be!


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