Glover's Regiment to March Saturday Celebrating 40th Anniversary

The regiment was reestablished in 1974, two years before the nation’s Bicentennial.

Glover's. Credit: Terry Date
Glover's. Credit: Terry Date

On Saturday, Glover's Regiment will hold the first event in their year-long celebration in recognition of the historic colonial reenacting group's 40 years.

Regiment member Larry Sands told Marblehead selectmen Wednesday that the regiment will march up Burial Hill at 4:45 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 25.

Present and former members of the group will then be guests at the 40th 
Anniversary Celebratory Dinner at Old North Church.

The following information was furnished by FB King:

Members of the august group, are asked to visit the GMR website (www.gloversregiment.org ), or contact 
Captain Seamus Daly (sdaly2@comcast.net) 
, for plans and detail.   

The regiment was reestablished in 1974, two years before the nation’s 
Bicentennial and during the preparations for America’s 200th 
birthday, Glover’s Marblehead Regiment originally attracted a motley but earnest 
crew of historians, amateur and professional, some of whom could actually claim 
blood kinship with members of the original 
Glover’s Regiment.  (Recall that this was 
the regiment of hearty sailors chosen by General Washington to serve him at 
Cambridge, and who rowed him and his hundreds of troops, cannons, and horses across the frigid Delaware River on Christmas night in 1776, before the decisive 
Battle of Trenton.)

This coming summer, the GMR encampment will be the weekend of July 11-13 and the Regiment is planning a larger than usual event to mark 

the 40th Anniversary celebrations. However, the group is now eager 
to connect with former members. 

If you’ve served as an active 
 in Glovers Marblehead Regiment in the past, please contact Capt. 
Daly at sdaly2@comcast.net or by 
calling him at 617-416-1965.

The Regiment plans additional celebratory activities during 
2014.  Visit www.gloversregiment.org for details, 
or call Capt. Daly at 617-416-1965.

Glover's Marblehead Regiment is part of the 
Continental Line, a multi-regional re-enactment group.  It presents all 
living history events according to documented primary historical sources.

The Regiment welcomes new recruits of any age.  If you'd like more 
information about joining the regiment, or about GMR events, including the 
annual summer encampment at Fort Sewall, contact Lt. Larry Sands at 617 416 
1965; or Lt. Chip O’Connor at 978 609 0251. Or visit


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