Marblehead's Tyler Hamilton Reacts to Lance Armstrong Admissions

Marblehead native son Tyler Hamilton is making the rounds of the talk shows now that his former cycling teammate, Lance Armstrong, has come clean about using performance enhancing drugs.

Marblehead's Tyler Hamilton, a world-class cyclist, has long since fessed up to his use of performance enhancing drugs.

But this week saw Hamilton's teammate Lance Armstrong finally admit to doing the same thing.

Hamilton has been making the rounds of the talk shows discussing Armstrong's interview with Oprah Winfrey.

"It's nice to hear him finally own up to some of his faults," Hamilton told CNN's Piers Morgan on Friday.

For the full interview, please visit the CNN Web site.

SueMarie January 19, 2013 at 02:40 PM
go away. believetyler.org ha ha ha
Tricia D. January 21, 2013 at 05:30 AM
SERIOUSLY..... and honestly.... i have been born ,and raised in the very wealthy, beautiful town of marblehead,..( 1962 )...and so have my five other siblings....along with our 3 generations,.. my Dad, his Dad , & GREAT Grandfather,...continued , well respected throughout this "VERY SMALL " fisherman/ Lobster Town.THERE are laughs & loyalty throughout, these small town families,..even AFTER, we all graduated from COLLEGE.Marblehead people are loyal. I am sure that Tyler did not mean to get all caught up in the EPO ,... he got sucked into it. and... he was stuck, once he was sucked in. .... do not even think of voting to put Tyler Hamilton in Jain, prison... etc... You must , MUST Remember, that Lance Armstrong was his "owner." , "his BOSS",... and " his BULLY",... and his Narcacissitic Leader ! Lance has no conscience./// Tyler does. Tyler deserves a break from his "boss and BULLY drug addict,...LANCE ARMSTRONG. ..... ANYHOW, if you knew the good soul town that Tyler came from,.... I will tell you............he was NOT the instigator !!! He just got sucked into it by Lance, his boss, his Leader, his manipulator, whom NEVER had a consciene...... Don't you all agree.?? farrelltrish.docherty@gmail.com


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