Athlete of the Week: Eliza Quigley

Marblehead's Eliza Quigley is ready to bounce back from from leg injuries to make her mark on the field and on the ice during her freshman year at Marblehead High School.

Fourteen year-old Eliza Quigley can’t wait for school to start this fall. Heading into her freshman year at , Quigley is determined to bounce back from a torn ACL and leg fracture that ruined her spring lacrosse season just as it was getting underway a few months ago.

“It was very disappointing to get hurt right at the beginning,” Quigley said. “My leg and knee feel pretty good now, but I missed the whole spring season.”

Quigley was playing for the town's U-14 entry in the New England Select Lacrosse League when she got hurt.

Quigley suited up for the Marblehead U-14 Thunder last fall during the soccer season, playing goal for the team when she wasn’t up front attacking the offensive end as a striker.

“I enjoy soccer, I pride myself on working hard defensively and shutting the other team down,” Quigley said.

Playing on “D” for coach Emily Hudak’s ice hockey team over the winter, Quigley held her own against players bigger and older than she throughout the season. Marblehead made the state tournament in ice hockey, but Braintree knocked the Headers out in the first round.

“The best game was beating Winthrop on the ice last season in Winthrop,” Quigley said. “It was their Senior Night and we beat them after they beat us earlier in the season, it was a great feeling to win that game.”

“They’re one of our biggest rivals and it was great to go there and beat them, definitely,” Quigley said.

“I play defense in hockey because I like to see the play in front of me, and I try to control my area by being in good position,” Quigley said.

Quigley lives with her family on Coolidge Road, and it’s not tough to spot her house, it’s the one with two hockey nets in front and several dozen hockey pucks on the lawn and in the driveway.

“I’ve been working back into things this summer, my knee is a concern, but I’ve been able to go to hockey camp and soccer camp, and I’ll be ready when workouts start for soccer,” Quigley said.

“I’m having a good summer, but I’m excited to go back to school, I had a great time at a National Development Hockey Camp, and I’m ready to play soccer again,” Quigley said.

The Eliza Quigley File:

Age: 14

Year: Heading into her freshman year at MHS.

Favorite food: “I love pasta!”

Favorite TV show: The Gilmore Girls

Favorite movie (s):  Miracle and The Goonies.

Favorite artist-: Beyonce.

Most embarrassing song on my I-Pod-: “There’s a lot of my dad’s songs on there, probably them.”

Dream: To play college hockey.

Up next: Soccer camp, pre-season soccer practice and freshman year at MHS.

Favorite pet: “My cat, Pedro.”




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