Wander and Wonder: Spirit of 76 Bookstore

Find holiday spirit and gifts at Spirit of 76.

At Spirit of 76 Book store on Sunday afternoon. Credit: Terry Date
At Spirit of 76 Book store on Sunday afternoon. Credit: Terry Date

They come for cookbooks and mysteries. Books on land and sea. For local and national works — and everything else from hockey to bees.

The door swings steadily at the Spirit of 76 Bookstore at 107 Pleasant St. in Marblehead. Especially this holiday season.

Gift seekers on Sunday afternoon had questions galore for bookseller Tim Linder.

They came seeking help teasing out titles. Then finding out if they were in stock. There were mentions of The Good House, The Language of Flowers and Murder by Accident.

Shoppers often ask for Orr: My Story by Boston Bruins hockey legend Bobby Orr, he said. They ask for the new Doris Kearns Goodwin's history book Bully Pulpit.

Wrapping paper and ribbon spools sit by the check-out counter awaiting Orr, Bully Pulpit or other gifts.  The store smells like paper, a comfortable smell that promises a story.

Tim and three other Spirit booksellers post their picks in lists. Good reads for adults and children. 

At the back of the store in the children's section, mom Liza Genovese and her daughters browse.

Liza is a reader, her most recent — Inferno by Dan Brown.

For those seeking children's books she has four suggestions: Waves, Ish, Plant a Kiss and Too Few of Me.

They are great for kids but have a nice message for any reader, she said.

The Spirit of 76 Bookstore door swings open and shut. 

Music plays in the background, paper bags rustle and shelved books clap.

Customers meander aisles and circle book-topped tables at least one sprouting a Christmas tree.

The store is open weekdays 8am - 8pm, Sat. 8am - 6pm and Sunday 11am - 5pm.

107 Pleasant St
(781) 631-7199


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