Hurricane Windows Before Building Committee

The panel meets at 7 p.m. Thursday in the library at the Village School, 93 Village St.


The Glover School Building Committee has also scheduled a special meeting to discuss options for installing hurricane-resistant windows on the front of the new school.

At the last meeting, the architect said the windows that could sustain 120-mile-per-hour winds might cost an extra $148,000.

The architects and windows manufacturer did not “factor in” the proximity of the school to the Atlantic Ocean. Because Marblehead could be hit by a hurricane, the 12-foot, eight-inch windows would have to be thick enough to withstand high-velocity winds, said project architect Douglas Roberts with JCJ Architecture.

The windows in the current design would withstand up to 110 mile-per-hour winds.

“It is something that fell through the cracks,” Roberts said.

If all of the 7,500 square feet of windows has to be the stronger glass, it could cost the project $148,000, which would have to come out of the $652,000 left in the project's contingency funds.

Noelty was told that the costs of the windows could be a big hit early in the project.

Neighbors will meet with the superintendent of schools at 6 p.m. to talk about blasting damage at the Glover School site.


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