Athlete of the Week: Brian Hough

This Marblehead High School junior has a full schedule, keeping up his grades, improving his tennis game, raising money to help fund school sports and performing community service.

junior Brian Hough is a busy young man. He volunteers many hours a week on community service projects, hits the courts at the tennis clubs to improve his game, works on art projects and is involved with several school organizations.

“I’m a member of Best Buddies and Team Harmony, an organization that works to educate and prevent incidents of bullying and hazing in high schools,” Hough said. “I’m also involved with the National Art Society and the Interact Club, which works in conjunction with the Rotary Club on their programs.”

Hough, 16, and his tennis teammates Tyler Beck and Zach Grader teamed up and hit the streets last month to raise money for high school sports going door-to-door in town asking for donations from local residents.

Brian, Zach and Tyler did a great job - the three of them raised the most money from the boys’ tennis team representatives and finished in the top ten among athletes from all of the sports at the high school.

“It was great, the people in town were great, they were very nice to us when we asked them for money to help the athletic programs,” Hough said. “It was a great experience for the three of us, most of the people we talked to knew an athlete in town. They had a son or daughter who played sports at Marblehead High or they had a child that went through the Marblehead sports programs. The people in town couldn’t have been nicer to us.”

In addition to the town's love for athletics, Hough said he appreciates Marblehead's respect for the arts.

“Marblehead’s such a great town, there's support for the arts, which I really appreciate and there are so many great places in town to play tennis,” Hough said. “There are great tennis courts in town, and they are maintained really well."

Hough was voted the Most Improved Player on the school's junior varsity tennis team after the 2010 tennis season and said he has high hopes for his junior year.

“That’s my goal, make the varsity team in the spring, contribute and play good tennis,” Brian said.

Hough’s passion after tennis is art. He does volunteer work in conjunction with the Marblehead Arts Festival and concentrates on his art classes in school - recently finishing a self-portrait that he’s very proud of.

“Marblehead has great schools, great public tennis courts, and they love the arts in town, it’s an awesome place to grow up,” Hough said.

In addition to his local volunteer work, Brian also volunteers his time at the V. A. Hospital in West Roxbury where his dad works.

“Marblehead has given me so much, I want to give back to the community whenever I can,” Hough said.

The Brian Hough File

Favorite Food: Pepperoni Pizza

Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory

Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight

Favorite Band: Weezer

Most Embarrassing song on his iPod: "I have a couple of Britney Spears songs on there."

Favorite Athletes: The Bryan Brothers

Favorite Sports Team: The Boston Lobsters

Dream: "I hope to make the varsity tennis team next spring and really
contribute to a successful season."

Biggest Influence: "My teachers and my coaches at Marblehead High School have been great to me, but my parents have been really great. I couldn't ask for a better mom and dad."


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