Storm Aftermath: Town Officials Assess Causeway Condition

The storm and astonomically high tide combined to create a wild spectacle on the causeway Friday.

Friday's high tide at the causeway. Credit: Terry Date
Friday's high tide at the causeway. Credit: Terry Date

The causeway weathered the storm surge well on Friday.

Officials closed the Neck connector at 11:30 a.m. Friday as the storm and astronomically high tide combined in a one-two punch flooding the Devereux Beach parking lot and abutting road.

Towering waves rolled surging waters against the seawall and crashing water cascaded over the causeway creating a wild spectacle.

But a few hours later, at 2:30 p.m., the tide receded. After an inspection by the town fire chief and town administrator, the causeway reopened.

Highway Department personnel cleared the roadway of debris before it opened, the fire chief said.

Fire Chief Jason Gilliland said there was no damage to the seawall. Proactive work kept damage at bay. Last summer the town hauled out debris ramped against the seawall.

During his inspection Friday the fire chief was surprised to find that many of the storm-tossed rocks on the roadway were no larger than golf balls or tennis balls, he said.


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