Selectmen Approve More Dollars For Snow Removal

Board members said they were impressed with road clearing work by town employees.

Early Friday on Tedesco Street. Credit: Terry Date
Early Friday on Tedesco Street. Credit: Terry Date

Salting, sanding and snow removal during the Jan. 1 and 2 snowstorm ate almost half the $100,000 budgeted for this plowing season.

To make sure enough funds remain for clearing roads in any storms to come this season, selectmen on Wednesday approved up to an additional $100,000 in snow removal work.

Town Administrator Jeffrey Chelgren said the price tag for clearing roads during last week's storm came to $43,600. Earlier snow removal work came to almost $27,000.

Selectmen did not hesitate to approve the request for additional funds.

And board members gave a collective tip of the cap to town employees, lauding their work during not just the most recent storm but all of them.

At the end of last week crews worked two days in a row clearing roads and sidewalks, one board member said.

Marblehead relies entirely on in-house help — no outside contractors —  from various town departments to keep the town's roads clear.
John Buba January 09, 2014 at 10:05 AM
A little known fact: The snow budget is the only town account by state law that can "roll over “to the next year. It is set up this way in case you get a huge storm and it blows the budget. However, what our town and other towns do is purposely underfund the snow budget and then allocate the underfunding to OTHER accounts (salaries and benefits), since they know they can always overrun that budget in an emergency. That is why every year as soon as the first storm hits, we see headlines about how the snow budget is almost wiped out.


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