Boston Globe Endorses Tisei

Will it have impact on the race?

Republican congressional candidate Richard Tisei has picked up the endorsement of the state's largest newspaper, The Boston Globe.

The Globe cited Congressman John Tierney's family legal issues combined with Tisei's politically moderate nature:

"Tierney’s family scandal — and his evasive handling of it — gives voters a reason to look elsewhere. Meanwhile, he has an appealing Republican challenger, a moderate who served with distinction as minority leader in the state Senate. This year, Sixth District voters should elect that challenger, Richard Tisei."

The editorial says that while Tisei is further to the right than the majority of voters on some issues -- citing his call to repeal the Affordable Care Act -- the newspaper says that he should be given a chance, with all that has happened with Tierney.

"But while Tierney can be proud of his role in expanding access to college loans and heightening scrutiny of contracts in Afghanistan, his accomplishments aren’t so impressive as to negate his liabilities."

What do you think? Do you agree with the Globe's assessment? Discuss in the comments below.

MikeA October 23, 2012 at 01:27 PM
The Globe is way late in jumping off the Tierney bandwagon. It will affect the final vote count but not the outcome. I going to point to Tierney's DISASTROUS Live Chat performance on the Patch back in May as the turning point in the race. It wasn't Lively, it wasn't a Chat, and he's been stonewalling the Patch by not responding to all the unanswered questions.
Donna McClure October 23, 2012 at 03:25 PM
Richard is the right man for the job. Honest, caring and bi-partisan. This was not a hard call, so many Democrats are seeing the light and are calling out corrupt representatives. Both sides need to do more, wrong doesn't become right by virtue of the letter carried after the name. I hope Mr Tierney enjoys retirement, maybe he could spend it as his wife...............jail.


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