Unoccupied Truck Rolls into State Street Building

The following information was submitted by the Marblehead Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned it does not indicate a conviction.

The following is an excerpt from the 's log:

Friday, Oct. 7:

  • At 7:55 a.m., a local resident entered the to turn in a plastic bracelet they discovered next to the Star of the Sea Community Center on Wednesday.
  • At 8:32 a.m., a local motorist was issued a verbal warning for making an illegal right turn on red onto Tedesco Street.
  • At 1:58 p.m., an Orchard Circle man called police to report that his kids and wife are at the family's house and an auctioneer and 20 other people had arrived at the premises. The man said his family was supposed to have been given first refusal regarding the purchase of their house.
  • At 2:55 p.m., an Elm Street man called police to report a theft from his bank account. The man said funds were missing from an account he has in Swampscott and local officers referred him to the Swampscott Police Department.
  • At 4:20 p.m., a Jersey Street resident called police to report that she was worried for her dog. The woman said her adopted dog used to belong to a man who just got out of jail and she is worried he "is going to start problems."

Saturday, Oct. 8:

  • At 1:53 a.m., police responded to "multiple 911 calls" regarding a car that had hit something on Rockaway Avenue and driven off. One caller reported seeing a white midsized car drive off making a dragging sound. Responding officers found that a local fire hydrant had sustained enough damage to be replaced.
  • At 7:19 a.m., a Hereford Road resident called police to report that there was a white vehicle outside of his house that was severely damaged. A "Quincy officer" called police to say he was with the operator of the motor vehicle who "fell asleep" and hit the hydrant and did not stand by for officers. An interview was conducted at the police station.
  • At 9:20 a.m., a local motorist was given a verbal warning for a crosswalk violation near .
  • At 11:50 a.m., Nahant Police called the station to report finding a wallet on the Lynnway that belongs to a local resident.
  • At 12:44 p.m., a local man called police to report losing his keys near Eastern Bank. He left police his number in case they were discovered or turned in.
  • At 1:11 p.m., police responded to a minor motor vehicle accident on Lucia Road. One of the involved parties was issued a citation for not having a driver's license.
  • At 1:25 p.m., a Warren Road resident called police to complain about a "bike stunt thing" that had been erected near . Police recommended that the woman contact the DPW to remove the ramp after the holiday weekend.
  • At 1:54 p.m., a local resident on Pleasant Street called police to report a "man with his pants down in the landscaped area of the parking lot." The woman said she had seen the man around before carrying a brown paper bag. Police later located the man in front of the bank and found that he was "walking fine with his pants up."
  • At 2:08 p.m., a Page Road resident called police to report that man in a motor vehicle had pulled up and parked in front of a house on the corner and sat there for about 15 minutes. The woman said the man was "acting strange - twisting his head, throwing his arms up, acting animated." The man who was described as "tall and had on a pink shirt with skull an crossbones and plaid shorts" pulled away while the woman was on the line with police.
  • At 2:24 p.m., a local resident called police to report that his boss' truck was struck by a hit-and-run driver while parked opposite a cafe on School Street.
  • At 2:47 p.m., local fire and police units responded to several reports of an unoccupied truck rolling down a driveway and into a building on State Street. The building sustained some window and siding damage but structural damage was minimal.
  • At 3:02 p.m., a local woman called police to report that her son had lost his prescription sports goggles near on Friday. The woman said the glasses and strap are both black and she said she and her son "scoured the area to no avail."
  • At 4:53 p.m., local police and fire units responded to a minor motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Ocean and Atlantic avenues. The accident, which involved a gray 2005 Chevy Equinox and a white 1999 Toyota Camry, did not result in any injuries.
  • At 7:25 p.m., a High Street man called police to report that his ex-fiancee had forged his signature on a check and stole all of his money out of their joint checking account.

Sunday, Oct. 9:

  • At 10:04 a.m., a local resident on Westledge Road called police to report losing a brown wallet.
  • At 10:24 a.m., a Turner Road resident called police to report finding the valve stems cut on two tires on his 1999 Toyota Camry. The man said the valve stems closest to the curb had been cut.
  • At 10:36 a.m., a Whittier Road resident called police to report that their neighbor had just trespassed.
  • At 1:36 p.m., a local resident entered the police station to speak to an officer about the activities of a 17-year-old male and a 14-year-old female.
  • At 7:49 p.m., a local motorist was issued a citation for speeding on the causeway.
  • At 8:36 p.m., police responded to a report of an erratic driver who had just hit a parked vehicle on Pleasant Street and ket going. Linda G. Hosking, 58, of 20 Endicott Ave., Marblehead, was arrested on charges of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, second offense, leaving the scene of an accident with property damage and negligent operation of a motor vehicle.
  • At 11:58 p.m., A State Street resident called police to report that man had just walked into her yard an urinated.

If you have questions about this police log, please send them to owen.boss@patch.com.


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