Local Man Arrested for Selling Meth, Pills

A Pleasant Street man was arrested for selling prescription narcotics Saturday afternoon.

A local man accused of assaulting a police officer following his arrest for selling prescription narcotics on Pleasant Street Saturday afternoon is scheduled to be arraigned in Lynn District Court this morning.

Ronald J. Mastronardi, 66, of 128 Pleasant St., Marblehead, is expected to be arraigned on charges of possessing a class B substance with intent to distribute, subsequent offense; possessing a class B substance; committing a drug violation in a school zone; possessing a class E substance; and assault and battery on a police officer.

At 1:54 p.m., Sgt. Sean Sweeney reportedly saw Mastronardi walking down Pleasant Street toward the home of a Sevinor Road woman whom a confidential informant told police had been recently purchasing prescription narcotics from Mastronardi, according to court documents.

Sweeney reportedly pulled into the parking lot and witnessed Mastronardi conduct what appeared to be a hand-to-hand drug exchange with Marcey Snow, 50, of 10 Sevinor Road, Marblehead.

Following the exchange, Sweeney reportedly approached the pair and asked them what they were doing.

Mastronardi reportedly showed Sweeney an unlabeled prescription pill bottle he was carrying in his pocket that was "almost full" with an assortment of pills, while Snow attempted to hide the napkin he had just handed her in her purse, according to court documents.

Sweeney reported that a subsequent search of Snow's purse revealed a folded up napkin containing two pills - the pills would later be identified as methamphetamine and Suboxone.

During the booking process, Mastronardi reportedly became "belligerent" and threw his shoe at Sweeney before being led to a holding cell, according to the report.

His unlabeled prescription bottle was found to contain 19 Penicillin tablets, three methamphetamine pills and nine Gabapentin capsules.

The alleged drug deal took place within 50 yards of .

In 2002, Mastronardi reportedly served a 2 ½-year prison sentence for illegal possession of prescription narcotics.

Both Mastonardi and Snow are expected to be arraigned this morning in Lynn District Court.

Jo July 21, 2012 at 12:57 AM
There are so many many problems in this quaint sea side little town. I wonder why? My guess is because the blame is always on someone other than the perp. People blame the school, the police, friends, neighbors, having money, having no money....here's what is real. Kids who are raised in an environment where they are genuinely and honestly loved and nurtured, regardless of wealth or brains...turn out just fine....the others don't. Good kids don't make choices that are so bad that they hurt someone else...kids who do that are troubled and deviant and need immediate strong intervention...cause if they don't get it as kids they end up like the 66 yr old meth dealer in is article....or like Dylan Kleebold....remember him?
Oldtown July 21, 2012 at 10:45 AM
The type of tolerance many of you talk about here is a two-edged sword, Tina, mc, jb. Not everyone who grows up in a troubled family turns out to be an scumbag, but doing so is not an excuse for breaking the law, ever. Maybe we should just let them off with a warning, then we can all hold a candlelight vigil. When I was a kid if you were a scumbag and broke the law you were likely to get an ass-kicking from the police. Guess what? We didn't have this crap going on in town. Not saying it was right or wrong, but it worked. As long as parts of society, like many of the bleeding hearts in this town, keep making excuses for these low life's, we'll continue to have to put up with them. Throw them in jail where they belong and be done with it.
Marie Teldon July 22, 2012 at 05:32 AM
so are we supposed to just sweep things under the rug and not address them, pretty sure if this was Lynn or any other city/town that has a bad rep, you would be all for getting the dealer off the street but because it happens here it’s completely different. News flash we are no different than any other town or city we have our problems like everywhere else and we should deal with them accordingly and not give people special treatment just because they have the good fortune to live in an upscale community. The Police have a tough job to do on a day to day basis; they're one of the only professions that don’t know if they're coming home at the end of their shift. So next time try not to be so bias just because of the great and relatively safe community we live in a big part of that is the police.
Frank Mulligan July 22, 2012 at 02:08 PM
Tax payers paying for his time in JAIL. We really need to make changes FAST. When things happen todasy. The fines and the TIME they get is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. 3 Strikes your OUT.
Gumshoe August 15, 2012 at 03:35 AM
Also you want to give those predators at the police department the authorization to beat possibly innocent people at their own dubious discretion? Hows that gonna work huh? Give peace a chance you communist.


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