Letter to the Editor: Upcoming School Committee Election

My name is Emily Ricker. After spending 12 years in our town's public school system, I am currently a senior at Marblehead High School. As my educational career in Marblehead draws to a close, I have spent a great deal of time contemplating the future of the public schools in which I've grown up. 

Having served as the student representative on the Marblehead School Committee for the past two years, I have borne witness to many successes, some inevitable setbacks, and a wide array of leadership styles. Throughout my time sitting with the Committee, I have come to learn just how essential it is to elect high-quality representatives we can trust to work tirelessly for the betterment of our children's education. I can think of no better representative than Thomas Connolly. Over the years, Mr. Connolly has earned my deep respect and admiration. He is a strong voice of reason with years of experience working to ensure the quality of Marblehead's schools. I can say with total confidence that the public schools our town prides itself on will be in good hands with Thomas Connolly.

As a graduating student who has observed and participated in the ongoings of the School Committee for the past two years, I urge the public to vote for Mr. Thomas Connolly this Tuesday, May 14th. The future of Marblehead's schools depends on you, the voters - and for me, Thomas Connolly is the clear choice. 


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