Letter to the Editor: The Police Log Effect

Another Marblehead Patch Letter to the Editor.

The following Letter to the Editor was sent in by Doran Ward:

Dear Editor:

Is the 1692 witch hunt mentality alive and well in 2012 Marblehead? I have loved and visited Marblehead for 22 years and even dream of living there, though now that I have the Marblehead Patch emailed to me every day I'm hiding my black cat and staying put in another state. 

An elderly gang? Seriously? What are they doing, keying innocent citizen's walkers? Using Fixodent for evil instead of good?

A bus blocking someone's view? Move your entitled bottom a little to the left, though I guess it's just easier to bother the police, after all you pay their salaries right? 

Someone parked their car and got out for a walk with hand weights? That's suspicious all right. It might even be considered terrorist activity.

My big question is "How do the police stand it?" They must line up to volunteer to be exchange cops with the NYPD. A week in the Bronx would be a vacation from annoyance. A few murder cases would be well worth the R&R gained from it.

Closed mindedness and suspicious of everyone? That just reeks of 1692! Hasn't the DNA of the North Shore evolved at all in over 300 years?

I know I'm taking a chance writing this (if it even gets published) but please don't show up at my door with flaming torches.

I'll always love Marblehead, but find this behavior shocking. 

Doran Ward

Missy Scarlet September 14, 2012 at 04:35 PM
The incidents you cite are pretty extreme (I remember reading each one myself in disbelief). One hopes that the majority of calls/visits to the cop shop are more serious. To those who made those calls, they surely felt they had a "situation." Most likely our officers set them straight, and I can see the eye rolls as the calls came in. From my day to day observance, sanity generally rules here in Marbles. Generally-not always. But that makes for good conversation: "Did you see the police log today!?"
Reggie Patton September 14, 2012 at 08:26 PM
Oh lord I love this. As a Marblehead native who watched the yuppie bus arrive, and the rise in absurd community policing with it, I have to thank Mr. Ward for saying what I know a lot of us are thinking. If this change of values from neighborliness and tolerance to suspicion and a knee jerk reaction to call 911 first and ask questions later wasn't so serious it would be hilarious. We need a real culture change around here folks, and a return to the mantra of "live and let live."
gumshoe September 28, 2012 at 03:58 AM
All these calls make the police over suspicious and then they start harassing innocent citizens
Peter Lake, LAKE Real Estate October 08, 2012 at 03:53 PM
Hard to take this letter any more seriously than the complaints it complains about. I can picture next week's police log entry, "Suspicious complaint made to Marblehead Patch by 'outsider with androgynous name'." Personally, I think the often innocuous entries in the police log show that Marblehead is one of the safest towns in the country. Some friends in large cities even think we have creative contests to see who can make up the most frivolous police reports. While some of the incidents in the police log have always seemed a bit over the top ("noisy students reported near Veterans Middle School") at least we don't have sail-by shootings here.


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