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Dear Gracie,

I am nervous for this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Last week, I walked into CVS and found myself swarmed with Valentine’s chocolates and teddy bears. I have no idea what I should get my girlfriend. I just am not the cliché romantic type. What should I get her?

Sincerely, Determined Dave

Dear Determined Dave,

Do you remember your Valentine’s Day experiences in grade school? I encourage you to look back on your past. When you were younger, February fourteenth wasn’t filled with this immediate pressure. This much anticipated holiday was usually centered around the delivery of Valentines. For those of you who never celebrated this tradition, Valentines are small cards or treats that serve as a sort of gesture that expresses an appreciation for some- one. These little Valentines are kind of like personalized, handmade Hallmark cards. Some gestures are usually more in depth than others. Some Valentines even had stickers, glitter or pictures. As a child, every single Valentine that you may have received held a great significance to you.

In elementary school, I used to count my Valentines. It was a sort of competition to see how many Valentines one could get. I remember being jealous of those select individuals who would receive more Valentines than me. That quick flair of jealously would soon fade as I would reach into my decorated box and pull out all of my very own Valentines.

And yet, Valentine’s Day continues to be measured in the same sort of ways. This holiday should not be measured in the amount of teddy bears, chocolates, or Valentines that one receives. It should be measured in simple gestures or gifts, such as a greeting, hug/conversation, or card. Sure, those chocolates, flowers and teddy bears are nice. But, I encourage you to get creative and be yourself. You don’t need to spend money to show your appreciation for another. With that said, definitely put effort into your gift. But you do not have to get too crazy. If your girl- friend or boyfriend doesn’t approve of your gift and isn’t appreciative of your creativity, then maybe you shouldn’t be with that per- son in the first place. Just like your mother always said, it’s the thought that counts.

For those of you who are lonely this Valentine's Day, I encourage you to also get creative and be yourself. Send a Valentine to someone special, maybe a family member or friend. You may be surprised!

And Determined Dave, I can’t tell you what to get her. Half the fun is the anticipation and unique- ness of your gift. I love your determination to rise above the clichés and be yourself. Your girlfriend is a lucky gal. Good luck!

Sincerely, Gracie

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