Local Man Sets World Record

Ron Cooper has officially been awarded the world record for most pull-ups in a minute.

Ron Cooper, of Marblehead, was informed earlier this week that he officially set the world record for most pull-ups in a minute.

In February, before a small crowd of family and friends, Cooper successfully completed 36 pull-ups in 60 seconds at the . Click on the video attached to this story to watch Cooper's record-setting effort.

Unfortunately, Guinness judges didn't award Cooper a second world record for his attempt at completing the most push-ups in a minute while wearing a 40 lb. pack.

"They said that I was very close, and showed great promise, but a handful of my reps weren't counted because my form wasn't up to their standard," Cooper said in an email, adding that he considered the attempt "a great learning experience."

Cooper and his wife, Katie, will appear on the upcoming season of American Ninja Warrior, a television show airing this summer on NBC and the G4 network that challenges athletes to make their way through obstacles courses.

Although he couldn't give away just how well he and Katie performed on the show - he did say they both enjoyed themselves.


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