The North Shore Visits the 1970s in American Hustle

The heralded movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper is due in theaters this week.

On the set at Hawthorne by the Sea. Credit: Terry Date
On the set at Hawthorne by the Sea. Credit: Terry Date

Look for foofy hair, corduroys, leisure suits and American cars in American Hustle, a highly acclaimed David O. Russell movie due in theaters Dec. 20.

Look for actors Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner.  

Oh yeah, and look for Swampscott and Lynn. Specifically, Swampscott's Hawthorne by the Sea restaurant and Lynn's Christie's restaurant at the traffic circle.

Movie scouts found the two restaurants had throwback appeal to meet 70s era set demands in the movie. The story is about a Jersey sting job set up by the FBI to con mobsters and politicians in the 1970s.

Last summer when American Hustle was filming in these parts set watchers had some things to say about Bradley Cooper's perm and Jeremy Renner's puffy wave. See their comments at the bottom.

Also, photos posted on the website Fanshare.com show Jennifer Lawrence in a scene at a table in the Swampscott restaurant. 

She was kissing a character wearing a black suit said to be the actor Jack Huston, according to the website. 

  1. Wait a second... That bloody hair is killing me, Mr. Renner. STAAAAAHP! #JeremyRenner #AmericanHustlepic.twitter.com/yrX4127gl6

  2. jennifer s. lawrence @jlawrenceaddict19h

    Jennifer has Serena coming out in September, CF in November and American Hustle in December. 3 straight months of Jennifer oh my god yes.

  3. Paparious Samuel Ade @iam_paparious27m

    Jeremy Renner does the American Hustle with retro hairdo and cool blue suit while filming his new movie: Jerem...http://bit.ly/10EiwQY  

  4. Susan @aurora_081157m

    Still in town! Never getting over that hair. RT @fasmag247Jeremy Renner on the Set of 'American Hustle' ,http://www.fashionmagazine247.com/photos/47093/jeremy-renner-on-the-set-of-american-hustle.php … …

  5. Movie Marker @MovieMarker1h

    Future Films --- American Hustle Great Cast and Director...Can't wait for this one!http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1800241/ …

  6. JeremyRennerILA @JeremyRennerILA1h

    I posted 8 photos on Facebook in the album "Jeremy Renner on the set of 'American Hustle' in the Financial Di"http://fb.me/1JkigZfqq  

  7. Mandy askew @jlr71721h

    BRAND NEW PICS... on set of american hustleyesterday(11/05/13) (thanks to amyrenneraddict for the link)http://tmblr.co/ZIKeetkmMj6A  

  8. fashionmagazine247 @fasmag2473h

    Jeremy Renner on the Set of 'American Hustle' ,http://www.fashionmagazine247.com/photos/47093/jeremy-renner-on-the-set-of-american-hustle.php …

  9. jennifer s. lawrence @jlawrenceaddict6h

    I really want Serena, Catching Fire, American Hustle and Days of Future Past to come out right now I can't wait any longer to see Jennifer.

  10. Devil In A New Hat @RODakaBOO9h

    American hustle aka BILLS "@___KINGCOREY: that's how I be tho "@wellangiesaid_: I'm broke and I just got my check yesterday""


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