Marblehead on Parade: A Hometown Throwdown

Marblehead Christmas Parade. Credit: Terry Date
Marblehead Christmas Parade. Credit: Terry Date

Marblehead lined her narrow winding streets for a holiday treat Saturday at the Christmas Walk parade.

The lilting procession had spirit and variety. Boats and floats. Antique cars and Santa Claus. And youth groups, bells, town officials and drums.

Marchers marched. Dancers danced. And walkers walked however they pleased.

The quilt-work gathering had homemade charm. Like an American folk art painting or a stew sunk and flavored with every conceivable ingredient then stirred into motion.

Paraders greeted and waved. They hurled candy, T-shirts and mini-footballs. 

Groups marched and wheeled past tightly packed Colonial homes clad in clapboards and color, past street lanterns hung with red-bowed wreaths. Everyone celebrating the walk-up to Christmas and the town's history.

The parade coincided with the reopening of the Old Town House and included Glover's Regiment, too.

There was so much spirit you half wanted to fill a musket with powder and declare war on Britain, again. 


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