Marblehead Celebrates Upgrades and Accessibility at Old Town House

Old Town House. Credit: Terry Date
Old Town House. Credit: Terry Date

Marblehead residents saluted their past as they paved the way to a better future on Saturday.

They saluted the past in their grand celebration of the upgraded Old Town House, a 1727 building that Selectman Judy Jacobi called the town's crown jewel of buildings.

They made history at the Old Town House by providing access to people who otherwise would have no easy way in to the Market Square centerpiece. Residents approved a $675,000 appropriation for the project at the polls in 2012.

In the accompanying video, Jacobi, also a member of the Old Town House Oversight Committee, explains the upgrades to all floors and the installation of new elevators and bathrooms and doors and lighting.

In tomorrow's Patch we will hear from two people who are enjoying the new accessibility.

John Buba December 09, 2013 at 10:37 AM
Great to see the renovations but hate the way it was financed. The town lets every building go to pot and then demands an override to "save our precious buildings." If they just borrowed the money and paid it back with our regular taxes (See that Beverly just did this to fix a school roof) then town leaders would be acting responsibly. Right not they spend all the tax money and then plead desperation when a self caused emergency comes up.


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