Grown Ups 2 Shopping Scenes Today

The storefronts along Washington Street will be home to today's Grown Ups 2 shoot.

Shopping scenes for the Adam Sandler movie Grown Ups 2 will be shot at a series of mock storefronts on Washington Street today.

Over the last week, a row of local stores have undergone some pretty serious transformations. on Pleasant Street is now a replica of ; is now Hermosa Boutique; and a sign for Grady Hardware was put up near the Old Town House.

Location Manager Mark Fitzgerald told the Board of Selectmen last month that parts of Washington Street will be temporarily shut down today so that an exterior scene can be shot at Mud Puddle Toys (Red Arrow Diner) and an interior shopping scene will be shot at a mock clothing store inside of J. Martin Furnishings.

  • Washington Street: From 5 p.m. on Monday June 11 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday June 13, no parking will be allowed on Pleasant Street on either side from Watson Street to Pleasant Court. No parking on Rockaway Street on the northerly side and all public spots adjacent to the Lee Mansion. No parking on Washington Street from Hooper Street to Mason Street. No parking on Washington Street from Darling Street to Hooper Street. No parking on Washington Street from Crosby's to State Street.

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