Marblehead Patch Reader Comments of the Week

Here's a look back at some of the comments made by our readers this week.

Conscom Approves Goldthwait Osprey Nest

Sharon Thibodeau: Great news! Another plus for the environment for M'head.

: Wonderful. A fine reminder of nature's wild.


Diane Wolf: My restaurant had some emergency dealings with Oceanview glass last year around this time. I'd like to thank Steve again for his professional attitude and great craftsmanship; I would use Oceanview Glass again in a heartbeat, either for my home or business. I look forward to seeing the new shop.

Amy Malkoff: glad to hear it!

Did you Hear a 'Loud Boom' in Marblehead?

Joe Whipple: I heard it at 1:30 in Marblehead, on Atlantic Ave. — thought it might have been in Salem. I thought it might be a chemical plant explosion.

Owen Boss: I heard it too! It sounded to me like a car hit a tree or utility pole near the High School.

Lissa: Loud "BOOM" heard here tonight (Midnight 1/8/2013) in the northeastern part of my county & some of the neighboring county of Southern Indiana.

lorie: heard a loud boom last night, neighbors heard it too. Atlantic Ave area near Clifton Ave.

Mike: Heard it in Salt lake Utah twice around 09:00pm

Corey: I'm from Evansville that's crazy I heard them too. The only rational explanation i have is it is aliens. They'd have the technology to easily create these booms traveling fast. If you haven't notice look up at the sky. I have been tracking several objects their with random movement that a plane or satellite couldn't create as well as some rapid movement in the sky they are UFO by definition unless its the US government. I have been tracking them for months all over the sky at random times.


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