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Here are some of the top comments from our readers over the past week.

Here are some of our top reader comments from the past week. Click on the headlines to read the full story.


Larry David Movie Filming in Marblehead

: "Larry David, meet Hurricane Sandy." If Sandy decides she doesn't like Larry and chases him through the streets of Marblehead we may become part of a permanent Larry David joke. And worse, if the Conservation Commission persists in its madness to keep floats off of Riverhead Beach then there could be a real mess for the town.


Comella's Restaurant Coming to Atlantic Avenue:

mary p. ayer: Yummy---have been to the one in Needham and I think it will be a fun, and convienient addition to Marblehead. Now--let's bring in California Pizza Kitchen AND The Gingerbread Consrtruction Co. too!! We will all gain ten lbs.!!

The Kid: Excuse me while I yawn. Another Italian option? Look at all of the various fast casual Italian places -- Tony's, Joey Ds, Romanos, Cafe Vesuvius (I may be missing others) -- as well as of the other faster, more casual lunch options in town. Can a town like ours really support another one of these places? My prediction is that within 3 months of this arrival, one or more restaurants will go dark. Same thing will happen when the upscale fine dining restaurant at the Warwick opens. Diners in Marblehead are like moths who flitter to the brightest light.

Ruberon: I agree with The Kid. There is also Mino's, marblehead house of pizza, village roast beef. Can we get anything other than Italian fast food in marblehead?

Michael Austin: Another Italian restaurant? Not needed, not wanted, And yes one will not make it. Why not a decent French bakery because the new one on Washington just does not cut it.

Kathy Beurer: Our town could use a great breakfast joint that serves eggs, pancakes, bacon, waffles, crepes AND that also has a juice bar. A real juice bar with wheatgrass shots or healthy smoothies. If I had a clue about how to run a restaurant, I'd open one myself... right where Fruit of the Four Seasons used to be!


What Should Become of the Old Warwick Marquee:

ach: If they cannot find a way to incorporate it into the new building, it should go into the sign collection in the lower level of Abbott hall.

Kristen Nyberg: I would be interested to hear the reasoning on this decision, as it does not reflect what the developer told the public initially. With 20 years experience in the signage industry I'm not sure I understand why the original cannot be refurbished and used. Vintage signs are saved and reused all the time. The original is part of Marblehead history and clearly should be given to the town, especially as they have a sign museum already.

Pepere Belanger: When I was a lad of 14 back in the early 50'sI started working for Bob NcNulty at the Warwick, following in the footsteps of my older brother, Ray, and our Uncle Ray Gagnon, who had worked there prior to WW II. Indeed, I was still working there when I got married in 1961. Many, many, many times my buddy, Eric Nyberg, and I changed the movie titles on that marquee. I, for one, would think it a crying shame if this treasure were to be discarded onto the ashheap of Marblehead history. My vote is to have it refurbished and re-hung....at very least, preserved in the sign museum, which is quite problematic, due to its size. Albert "Skip" Belanger, Brentwood, NH

Dori Lynch: The whole sign as a unit is fairly unwieldy due to size! Can you use just the neon "Warwick" name portion inside the lobby over the cash wrap or some such place?

Lisa Kirk: The original plan was to put the old sign back. I think it's disgusting that that plan has changed. Why would the board vote that way knowing that all the work that has been done to save the Warwick included the understanding that the old marquis would be put back?
I also wonder why we need a "high end" restaurant there. How about something that everyone in town can afford? The original idea was to have a theatre and a small cafe that everyone could enjoy.
I'm very disappointed by the decisions that have been made regarding this.

fred brink: SAVE the old "Warhoop" sign! Contact Wayne Butler, town archivist, who heroically saved and designed the display of the old Marblehead signs in the Abbott Hall collection. If therre's no room right now of for it in the basement, make the new theater owners store it somewhere safely until there is.


Selectmen Postpone BYOB Vote:

Skip: This place will not be open in November!!! Just give them the BYOB license now. Marblehead supporting small business.

Sharon Thibodeau: if this business closes because of this delay, it will be a shame on Marblehead. Talk the talk, but walk the walk for local businesses. Pass this asap.

kathleen: It's hard enough to stay in business. It's a great idea to limit it to wine and beer. Give them the BYOB license now! Why does every permit in this town take so long? Ridiculous.

MHH101: I remember when Ranaldos (after the bigger restaurant upstairs at Village Plaza was sold) opened up a smaller restaurant across the street, where BYOB was allowed. They and other BYOB places had a service charge of $3 per person (e.g. for providing uncorking, glassware etc.).

IrishGuy: Disgraceful! And despite all the liquor licenses being currently taken, does anyone think the the "high-end" restaurant that will go into the new Warwick building won't, somehow, be able to obtain one?


Boat Burns in Marblehead Harbor:

Jack Michaud: Wait a minute... the sailing capital of the world does not have its own fire boat?

Brutally Honest: Anyone who thinks Marblehead is the sailing/yachting/boating capital of the world, clearly has never left this town.


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