Marblehead Patch Reader Comments of the Week

Here's a look back at what our readers had to say this week.

What Marblehead Businesses Were You Sad to See Close in 2013?

Joyce Elliott I think the saddest was the closing of Sweeney's Retreat. Phil served his customers and supported organizations like Rotary for many years. He is a man of honor and integrity, and he and his staff will be missed.

Anne Smith Definitely Sweeney's. It was reasonably priced, the food was good, and the staff always made you feel welcome. It's a huge loss to a lot of faithful patrons. No place else in town like it and will be sorely missed.

Walter Horan We will miss Sweeney's Retreat. Great fish chowder with a popover and salad for $7.95 served by the friendliest waitstaff. Phil made an effort to ensure all patrons were served well. On the bar side; we will miss the many events ---charity and political. Good luck to Phil and all of the staff and thanks for ten years of good food, drink and a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Joe Whipple The Sea Gull was always the place to go for a perfect gift for a special occasion. Pellino's was good for a fancy meal. Sweeney's Retreat was where I'd go for a tasty and satisfting meal at a reasonable price. I'll definitely miss all three. Sweeney's closing caught me by surprise. I went there on a Friday a couple of week's ago and it was closed — a real shock.

Should Marblehead Bring Back the Annual Tree Burning?

Peter Phillips Yes! It was a wonderful tradition and should never have been stopped. Too many former Community traditions have been lost.

Old Laws: Funny or Dangerous?

Char Lyons I want to see the cursing at sporting events enforced, even see the players hauled off.


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