Marblehead Patch Reader Comments of the Week

Here's a look back at some of the comments made by our readers this week.

Nick: This is completely unnecessary....most people who live directly on the water in town dont have these...

M&M Incident Reported on Smith Street

ach: Were there any green ones left? If not, I have a suspect in mind.

Winter Storm: Marblehead Information Center

Peter Lake, LAKE Real Estate: Nice job, National Weather Service. You predicted 5-8 inches, with a possible foot of snow. You only missed it by a factor of about 30x. Outside I'm measuring the snow and it's a least a quarter of an inch, maybe three-eights, with drifts up to half an inch -- is this a snow day for the kids?

Marblehead May See Up to 7 Inches of Snow by Morning Commute

The voice of reason: Another blown forecast. Thanks again Harvey Leonard and the rest of you experts...


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