Marblehead Patch Joins in Moment of Silence for Newtown, Conn., Shooting Victims

The company-wide blackout is to honor the memory of those killed last Friday in Connecticut.

This morning at 9:30, Marblehead Patch will join AOL in a company-wide blackout as "moment of silence" to honor the victims of the

According to Techcrunch, the campaign was inspired by Connecticut's governor, who called for a moment of silence. Web companies Causes and SV Angel spearheaded the idea in the tech sector. It follows a coalition of tech leaders calling for more gun control.

Other companies likely taking part in the "Web Moment of Silence" include Adobe, Duke University, Salesforce and WillCall.

How will you participate in the moment of silence? Tell us in the comments.

John Buba December 21, 2012 at 09:42 PM
It is interesting that many people blogging over the past week have made statements similar to: “No one NEEDS a gun”; or “No one needs certain type of gun (e.g. assault rifle, etc.)” Yet when you mention the media’s role in deforming our culture as the NRA did today; you hear the resounding claim that people and the media have RIGHTS and you can't mess with them. However the same Bill of Rights that guarantees freedom of speech and press also guarantees the right to own a gun or guns. Those who say “No one needs an assault rifle” would never be heard saying: “No one needs all of their free speech!” The Bill of Rights is not a Chinese menu where you can choose the ones you want.


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