Marblehead Embracing 'Red Shirt Fridays'

'Red Shirt Fridays' is an effort to support our troops overseas that is gaining steam in Marblehead.

Don't be surprised if you see more and more town residents wearing red shirts on Fridays.

It's all part of Red Shirt Fridays, a national effort that has been embraced by a host of town departments aimed at showing support for our troops overseas - and although red shirts are now on sale with our very own town logo, any red shirt will do.

In an attempt to raise awareness about the movement, Marblehead Council on Aging representative John Crowley appeared before the Board of Selectmen at Abbot Hall Wednesday night.

"It is a non-political movement, it is not intended to say anything about the war other than to show visible support and to give our men and women in uniform a lift," Crowley said. "There's not a town I've ever lived in that has a patriotic spirit as strong as Marblehead, so it is natural for us to grab onto this opportunity."

The Marblehead shirts, which can be seen in the photographs attached to this post, are currently being sold by the Council on Aging for $8 each.

For more information about Red Shirt Fridays, Click Here to view the RedShirtFridays.org official website.


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