Marblehead Mailman Commended

A local letter carrier has been commended for alerting police when he noticed that letters were piling up at the home of a local elderly resident.

The attached correspondence has been sent to the Marblehead Postmaster commending the action of Marblehead Postal Carrier Lawrence Lewy:

Dear Postmaster,

I am writing to commend the actions of a U.S. Postal Carrier who serves the Marblehead community.

Recently, Postal Carrier Lawrence Lewy noticed something amiss at the home of a Marblehead elder who was living alone. Mail was accumulating and there was no apparent activity inside.  Instead of overlooking the situation, he reported this to the Marblehead Police Department. Upon investigation, the gentleman was found unresponsive and was transported to the Emergency Room. 

Since returning him to his home without support or services was not warranted, North Shore Elder Services Protective Services was contacted. Through the coordinated efforts of various agencies and the vigilance and follow through of Postal Carrier Lewy, the elder is now safely and comfortably living in Connecticut near the home of his son and is doing quite well.

We all should be so fortunate to be on the route of postal carrier like Mr. Lewy.


Paul J. Lanzikos, Executive Director, North Shore Elder Services


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