Letter to the Editor: And The Flag Was Still There

The following letter to the editor was sent in by local resident Kate Reilly.

To the Editor:

Not one time this spring or summer have I driven down Atlantic Avenue – from our quaint shops to the Swampscott line – that my heart has not felt pride for my country, gratitude to our freedom-fighting veterans and an overwhelming sense of patriotism for this country where I was blessed to be born.

(Click Here for our full story about the American Flags on Atlantic Avenue.)

A few times, when seeing the beautiful flags flying in freedom – on shops, fences, trees and porches – I have been compelled to play my CD, Ray Charles' version of America the Beautiful. My heartfelt thank you goes out to each person who welcomed our American flag to fly on their premises . . . their enthusiasm and level of appreciation is something I shall cherish forever. I shall never forget the immigrant who greeted me at his front door, then dropped to his knees . . . "My own American flag, how can I ever thank you . . ."

These touching stories will remain with me forever.

I also salute those individuals who CHOSE not to fly an American flag; I salute you for your choice – because this is America, where we all have a choice!

Sadly, some have chosen to take down our American flags – in essence taking away “our choice”.  As of last evening, we have 'lost' 15 precious American flags, not to rain or wind, but to the over-reach of some people who feel they have a right to take what others took the time and effort to put into place. The very best in people placed those beautiful flags out amongst our community; the very worst in people tore them down.

I have replaced all but the last 3 flags, and in an effort to prevent more from being taken, we have raised the height of many flags, a gesture I never thought would be necessary. 

For those who might say, "Don't take it so personally” I have given much thought to that advice; however, the American flag IS—AND WILL ALWAYS BE—personal to me, for that flag represents MY COUNTRY and the many lives lost and harmed in order that those stars and stripes continue to fly freely in a chosen place called America . . .

Kindly allow our treasured American flags to fly in freedom . . .

God bless you all and God Bless the United States of America.

Kate Reilly, Ticehurst Lane


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