Have You Seen an Osprey in Marblehead?

With an osprey nesting pole going in at Goldthwait Reservation, we have to ask: have you ever seen one in Marblehead?

At their meeting at the Mary Alley Municipal Building Thursday night, the Marblehead Conservation Commission unanimously approved a request to erect an osprey nesting pole at the Goldthwait Reservation.

Appearing before commission members Thursday were local residents Charles Ives and Christian Schluter, who presented plans to install a 20-foot tall platform for the raptors to nest on.

All that is required for the perch is a 30-foot cedar beam, which will be buried about eight feet down into the ground in a marshy area near the "beach end" of the property.

The pole is expected to be put in sometime in the spring, Ives said.

So, we have to ask - have you ever seen an osprey in Marblehead?

Let us know in the comments section below.


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