Tyler Hamilton Says Armstrong Provided Him With PEDs

The details of Armstrong's alleged PED use will be released in Hamilton's tell-all book, scheduled to hit bookshelves next month.

Local cyclist Tyler Hamilton, who was earlier this month, claims Lance Armstrong gave him performance enhancing drugs and they did blood transfusions together in a book scheduled to be released next month.

The allegations will be detailed in his book ‘‘The Secret Race. Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France, Doping, Cover-ups and Winning at All Costs,’’ which will be published Sept. 5, according to the Boston Globe.

Last year, Hamilton made headlines when he and admitted to using performance enhancing substances and said he witnessed Lance Armstrong injecting EPO, a banned substance that increases a rider's red blood cell count, during the 1999 Tour de France, which Armstrong won.

The backlash from that controversial interview and at an appearance at in November, Hamilton declined to comment on that aspect of his career.

Earlier this month, Armstrong issued a statement announcing that he would give up the fight against longstanding doping charges and the USADA immediately stripped him of his seven Tour de France titles and banned him for life from the sport of cycling.


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