Keith Lane Invited for Encore Presentation at Babson College

Founder of Keith Lane Creative Group Creates Buzz During First Appearance – Demand Initiates Call for Second Visit to the Nation’s Leading School for Future Entrepreneurs

You know you’ve done something right when you’re invited back to the stage for an encore performance. Like the Rolling Stones, Lane has earned that opportunity, and will deliver Babson College Students just what they need: real life experience spoken through the mouth of a creative genius that has continually challenged the bounds of the marketing industry.

Lane took the intrigue of Mad Men’s Don Draper from the screen, and gave students the perspective of a real-life adman working in today’s industry landscape. Through his work with Keith Lane Creative Group (www.keithlanecreativegroup.com), and as the original Founder, Partner, and Creative Director of the highly respected advertising and marketing communications firms Emerson Lane Fortuna and Arnold Fortuna Lane, now known as Arnold Worldwide – Lane, not Draper, can cite Fox Sports, Puma, the National Hockey League, the Boston Celtics, Major League Soccer, Comcast Sports, Honey Dew Donuts, and Lids as working pieces of his expansive client list.

Students relished the opportunity to chat with Lane, a decorated creative marketing veteran who was not only just honored by Hatch as one of the top 100 creative influencers of the past 100 years, but who has also only won over 500 creative awards for his work at major shows such as The Clios, Emmys, One Show Gold, Communication Arts, The Hatch Awards (including 2 Best of Shows), Andy Awards, London Art Directors Show, Paris Creative Show, Tokyo Creative Awards, and The International Film & TV Festival Gold Medal. They will have another opportunity to follow-up with him during his appearance as a guest lecturer at Babson College on January 28th – 11:30 am. The topic of focus will fall in line with the lifeblood coursing through Lane’s veins day in and day out: Creative Communication, the art of crafting messaging that reaches the people next door or on the other side of the globe. No matter where the message travels Keith Lane and his Creative Group explore the geography of the heart.

“I’m honored,” said Lane in a statement. “Humbled and appreciative of the opportunity to speak with the marketing students at Babson for a second time. Having college-aged kids myself, I take deep pride and interest in aiding the admen and women of tomorrow by preparing them for what reality is in the marketing world today. You won’t see this on TV. You won’t find this information on your smartphone. This is real life…”

Lane rolls in to the College fresh off his appearance on UR Business Network’s Exit This Way (http://urbusinessnetwork.com/keith-lane-keith-lane-creative-group-exit-way-kerri-salls/), where he offered up inspired commentary on the rise, fall, and re-creation of the advertising industry and reinventing his own approach in order to find success in the digital era. That dialogue will be a part of what he’s offering up for the country’s next line of innovative thinkers at Babson College. Some students may change their major. The tough ones will hang in there.

For more information on Keith Lane Creative Group visit: www.keithlanecreativegroup.com
Patricia Goodwin January 28, 2014 at 12:50 PM
Keith Lane is amazing! A true creative genius.


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