Tell Us: Where Do You Shop Locally?

The holidays are upon us, and Marblehead Patch wants to know - where do you head when you shop in Marblehead?

When you're looking for that perfect gift or a little something for yourself, are there any Marblehead businesses that you always check out?

Is there a particular shop in Old Town that's your go-to for gifts? Perhaps you have a favorite that you frequent every holiday. Maybe there's a bakery that gets your order for all those special occasions in your life.

At Marblehead Patch, we love everything about the town, and we love shopping local.

As we make those last minute trips to complete our Christmas shopping, we want to know — Where do you shop locally? Let us know in the comments.

A Lewis December 19, 2011 at 08:28 PM
For all my pet treats and toys, I absolutely, pawsitively shop Pawsitively Marblehead. For pet food Diane at Worldy Pets is the savior for my picky eaters. Carol at ShipShape has some of the most fun nautically themed items at really reasonable prices and Cassandra at Cest la Vie has the most beautiful french gift selection.
Barbara Knowles December 19, 2011 at 11:33 PM
Beautiful stores. Brooks and Ned are super nice and everyone there is just wonderful. Dillon sends love! I too love Shipshape. Cest La Vie is awesome!! My favorite for many years. Bus Stop!! :) Barbara
Vanessa Greenleaf December 20, 2011 at 01:16 PM
I may not be Santa Claus, but I’ve made a list and checked it twice to make sure it’s right. I love to give gifts of a nautical theme with soft, ocean colors of blues and green … Shipshape is a favorite. Paris Galerie could set up a shop in each of the 12 stockings hanging at my sister’s house because of all of the stocking stuffers found at this establishment. I, along with my friends, am approaching the age that the only way to react to birthdays is to laugh … and to be grateful. I go to Scribe Paper and Gift to get those needed hilarious birthday cards. My father, who has not yet fallen to the Kindle or any other eReader craze, always appreciates a book from Artist and Authors. Hestia is another favorite local establishment to purchase a uniquely Marblehead gift for … okay, I admit it … myself. After I have NOT shopped at artist Martha Quigley’s Gallery because there is no such place (thank goodness because I would be broke!) I go to Shubies for two bowls of soup. Why two? I have to take one for my school lunch the next day. An added benefit to shopping local with owners/staff of establishments who call out a greeting when I enter and then not turn into helicopters (unless I want them to hover) is the opportunity it provides for running into friends. If I didn’t know better, this southern gal would think she was shopping in her small hometown in Tennessee.


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