Fashion Student Sees a Future in Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is turning heads at the International CES.

Hayley Gookin. Patch file photo.
Hayley Gookin. Patch file photo.

A sleep sensor that fits in an infant's pocket. Goggles that shoot stills and video. Even high heels with a band that display a Twitter feed.

Wearable technology products are turning heads this week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Reports from the trade show floor suggest a promising marriage: fashion and technology.  Called wearable technology, the fledgling industry appears to have legs, a logical step in gadgetry's march toward greater mobility.

We turned to a fashion student for her take on the trend.

Hayley Gookin, a Swampscott High and Marian Court College graduate, is studying fashion at Salem State University — and works for Nordstrom.

We asked Hayley if there is a future for things like tops with shoulders that register taps via GPS telling walkers which way to turn?

Here is what Hayley had to say:

"I am actually not at all surprised about this wearable technology, this is our future!  

"Since today's society is so tech savvy it is inevitable that designers and retailers have to keep up with the trend.  

"I am surprised at how they are designing it though. To me high heels with a Twitter feed built in is a bit ridiculous; however, the functional products do in fact interest me.

"As you know I work for Nordstrom and I saw a pair of men's ski goggles with a built in GPS!  They were a bit pricey but the technology involved in that design must be very involved, very cool.

"I also think the cell phone watch by Samsung is very interesting and can be useful for those who enjoy say hiking or running."


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