Mind Games Making a Splash at Mud Puddle Toy Store

Toys and games that combine thinking and fun are popular this holiday season.

Mud Puddle Toy Store. Credit: Terry Date
Mud Puddle Toy Store. Credit: Terry Date
A few nights ago, Letty Kerai of Mud Puddle Toys and her son enjoyed battling wits at home playing the fast-paced board game Anomia.

They are not alone in their enjoyment for the game. It's a hot seller at the 1 Pleasant Street store.

So are several other games and toys that engage the mind and its penchant for problem solving.

There's Perplexus. It's a labyrinth game in a plastic ball with a hundred challenging barriers within the sphere.

There's Laser Maze. A logic game where participants arrange tokens to split and reflect laser beams.

The old standby Lego games remain an attraction, too, she said.

Letty who is also a first-grade teacher in Salem says kids are drawn to games that get them thinking. Especially games that engage their creative side as well as their ability to solve problems.

In the classroom and out of the classroom, "you see kids doing a lot of that nowadays," she said.

To find these brain building games and some that are just plain fun — like the Giggle Stix that kids were waving in the store Saturday — visit the store.

It's open 9:30-6 Monday through Friday and 9-6 on Saturday and 11-5 on Sunday.


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