Kitsen Table Explains Lengthy Closure

The manager of Kitsen Table appeared before the Board of Selectmen Wednesday night in order to explain the restaurant's unannounced closure.

The co-manager of Kitsen Table, a recently-opened eclectic cuisine restaurant in Village Plaza, appeared before the Board of Selectmen Wednesday to explain why her business suddenly closed its doors.

Accompanied by local attorney Lawrence Markell, Kitsen Table manager Mia Lunt was on hand to explain to board members why the business had closed without giving town officials requisite notice.

The restaurant, which has an active wine and beer license, has been closed now for several weeks, Markell said. A sign in the window reads: "No one likes change but everyone likes improvements. Looking forward to seeing you soon."

"Mia is presently the manager of record for Kitsen Table Inc., which is a corporation with two shareholders. Currently, Ms. Lunt is 40 percent share holder and Normita Snow is the other share holder," Markell said. "For reasons I don’t think I have to explain here, they have decided to have an amicable resolution of their differences and Ms. Lunt is about to acquire Normita Snow’s share and will become the 100 percent shareholder in the corporation."

Markell went on to say that Lunt, who is TIPS certified, is just waiting for the paperwork to be finalized and signed so that she can submit a formal notice to the state's Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission alerting them to the change.

"She has already been in touch with the Board of Health, so when she wishes to re-open they will have to come and re-inspect the premises," Markell said, adding, "We apologize for not giving the requisite notice...if a liquor license owner is closed for more than seven days they are supposed to notify the Board of Selectmen and I take full responsibility for that."

After the discussion, Tony Sasso told Markell he would need 72 hours notice if the pair would like to make a corporation change at the board's next meeting and Chair Jackie Belf-Becker wished Lunt luck and said "we are all looking forward to the re-opening."


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