Ice Cream and Karaoke: Weekend Delights at Terry's

Carlos Rocha's old-fashioned ice cream parlor features an assortment of voices to go with its assorted flavors on Friday and Saturday nights.


Outside Terry's Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Shop a Siberian wind howled on this Monday afternoon in February.

Inside the cozy parlor came a steady stream of bundled customers, visiting the shop in its new location at 22A Atlantic Avenue. Fire ended its eight-year run on School Street.

They slid into seats at retro tables standing on checkerboard floors and surrounded by iconic pics including those of Elvis and Marilyn.

During a lull, North Shore Technical School ninth-grader Tyler Merullo ambled in for an ice cream and to inquire about a summer job while the owner was demonstrating his Karaoke machine.

Carlos Rocha sang a few bars, his eyes scanning the lyrics posted on the screen high in the corner:

"Please release me-ee, let me go-oo

For I don't love you-ou anymore-re."

Karaoke is a keen attraction here. Friday and Saturday nights from 7-10 p.m.

People of all ages crowd the house, especially teenagers and their younger brothers and sisters.

Sometimes it's a full house, 50 to 60 people. And sometimes customers get up and dance.  

While Tyler waited for his French vanilla soft serve he weighed in on the idea: ice cream and Karaoke.

Would an all-ages crowd crimp his style?

Not at all, he said. It sounds like a fun way to while away a hours on a Friday night, he said.

The parlor got busier, ice cream loving customers undeterred by the deep freeze outside.

Ellen Page ordered a quart of chocolate chip ice cream for a birthday party.

A good friend will turn 90 on Tuesday and Ellen is making homemade chocolate sauce to go with Terry's ice cream. They will go to lunch, play bridge and eat ice cream.

What about Karaoke and ice cream?

"I think it's a wonderful idea," she said. "I love the mixed ages."

An 11-year-old, Grace, and some friends dropped in to say hi to Carlos.

Grace said her older sister, who's 14, goes to karaoke at Terry's.

"They got up and could do whatever they wanted," said Grace. 

Another customer, Brad Dennis, made it unanimous.

He was in the store with his daughter.

Karaoke and ice cream sounds like good fun, he said. Something for the kids to do on a Friday night.

What would Brad sing if he was holding the mic and crooning karaoke to the crowd?

Some Eric Clapton or Pink Floyd.

Maybe "Wish You Were Here."

Carolos Rocha is glad to be here in his new spot where ice cream and music go hand in hand.

Even in winter. The ice cream won't melt as fast and the karaoke warms the crowd.







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