Casa Corona Hoping for BYOB 'Green Light'

The owners of Casa Corona on Smith Street are hoping to get the go-ahead for BYOB at the next meeting of the Board of Selectmen.

The owners of Casa Corona have been waiting since September to get their hands on a carry-in alcoholic beverage license that would allow patrons the option of bringing beer and wine along with them.  

At their last meeting at Abbot Hall, the Board of Selectmen unanimously approved the implementation of the local BYOB regulations that they've been hammering out over the last two months and paved the way for as many as five carry-in alcoholic beverage licenses in town.

Now, owners Felix and Jose Bracamontes are preparing to attend a public hearing at the board's next meeting regarding their recently-filed license request and are hoping to get "the green light."

A timeline for when the restaurant could begin allowing BYOB was hard to provide at the board's last meeting because this is the first time such guidelines have been drawn up in Marbehead.

It is unclear whether any other local establishments will be applying for a carry-in alcoholic beverage license.

What You Need to Know About BYOB in Marblehead:

  • Approved alcoholic beverages will be limited to beer and wine only.
  • If a local business has been awarded a carry-in license, and a beer or wine license suddenly becomes available in town, that business doesn't necessarily have to apply for it.
  • The annual cost of the carry-in liquor license will be $400.
  • Alcohol can be brought in during a restaurant's regular business hours.
  • A BYOB license can be requested as soon as a Common Victualler's license has been awarded.
  • The Board of Selectmen can take away a license if they determine it is being abused
  • The Marblehead Police Department must sign-off on all applications.
  • The amount of alcohol each patron can bring with them will be regulated.
  • It is the responsibility of the restaurant to be sure patrons don't over-serve themselves.
  • If a drink isn't finished, it must be taken away in a sealed clear plastic bag.
  • Wait staff may not assist with alcoholic beverages unless they are over 21 and TIPS certified


What do you think of BYOB in Marblehead? Let us know in the comments section below


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