JCC Athletes Conquer Fenway Obstacle Course

Coach Brian Grable of Swampscott prepared the team and the members responded by motivating and helping each other overcome the obstacle course.

Led by coach Brian Grable of Swampscott, Team JCC of the North Shore conquered the epic Spartan Obstacle Race at Fenway Park this past weekend, running with 60-pound sand bags through the bleachers, climbing ropes and cargo nets, scaling walls and even enduring a Spartan gauntlet at the finish line!

Every Team JCC member crossed the finish line, completing the nearly 3-mile race with 30 grueling obstacles.

Here is Brian's Take 

Sixteen weeks ago I sent an email to clients and friends about the unique opportunity to run a Spartan Race at Fenway. 

Long story short, 12 people from the JCC community got wind of it and asked for me to train them to compete in the Spartan race. 

The ages of participants ranged from 23 to 54 both male and female. One couple (The Nagels) trained together.  We also had a mom and son team.  I made each of them a promise that if they put in the work I would get them across the finish line. 

Well race day was (last weekend), and I am happy to report that every single member ran, completed all obstacles, and performed as an elite athlete would in that environment.  We had challenges during the race that were met with true courage, and teamwork. 

I have been around a lot of teams and I have never seen a team come together this quick, or this loyal to each other ever.  As we raced everyone checked on the teammates to make sure they could handle the obstacle and when they could not everyone pitched in to help. 

It really was an amazing thing to see.  Several people pulled me aside yesterday to complement our team on our loyalty to each other. 

So for 16 weeks we trained, ate, and lived this race and now we completed (it).  The team answered my question about how they feel after the race, and each of them asked “which race is next”?   That is how we do things at the JCC.  This is why I am so proud of our accomplishment and our future at the JCC because people here CARE about their teammates.  They CARE about this facility, and they CARE about this community.   This is why we are the Best Health Club in the North Shore!


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