A Third Generation Archer Takes Aim on the Sport

Swampscott Middle School seventh-grader Anthony Moschella recently earned a national ranking for his archery division in the Junior Olympic Archery Development Club.


Anthony Moschella III has a national ranking in archery.

He has a good eye.

And he has a knack for the sport.

But what he likes most is that he is part of a family tradition.

"My grandfather, father and me," Anthony said. His grandfather, Anthony Moschella, is an archer and taught his son, Anthony Jr., how to shoot a bow and arrow.

Anthony III first shot a bow about three years ago at his grandfather's home in Ipswich.

He got more serious about it a year ago, and has been practicing at his grandfather's since then.

This makes his grandfather smile ear-to-ear and has bolstered young Anthony's archery skills.

The practice has paid off.

The seventh grader earned a 4th national ranking in his division by the Junior Olympic Archery Development Club based on his 3rd quarter results in the Male Bowman Compound Bow division.     

Anthony belongs to a local development archery program that competes at the Ipswich Fish and Game Club. Nationally the development clubs have placed archers on the US Olympic Archery Teams. Many recent US Olympic team members began shooting as development club members.   

Archery has enjoyed a resurgence of interest in the aftermath of the movie The Hunger Games.

According to a spokesman for USA Archery, the group's membership grew by 25 percent in 2012. 

Still, archery is a specialized skill and sport with limited popular reach.

Unless your name is Anthony Moschella, Anthony Moschella Jr or Anthony Moschella III.

Anthony III knows only one classmate at Swampscott Middle School who practices archery.

Archery isn't Anthony's only interest. He likes track and basketball.

His favorite subject is math.

He likes playing Xbox and watching super-hero movies including Iron Man 2, the new Batman and the Avengers.

His mom, Kathleen Moschella, likes how archery offers her son a challenge and a chance to sharpen his focus and build his confidence.

His father said his son has a good eye.

A good eye is only half the battle. The rest comes through practice.

And Anthony won't have to look far to find someone to practice with if he is with family.

Ray DePaula January 04, 2013 at 04:27 PM
Great job. Nice setup. Love the peep sight. Your missing the cat wiskers.:-) .keep at it.


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