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Buried in Paper?

Looking out at the snow today has me thinking about the avalanche of paper many of us have to contend with these days. How do you manage your paper world? 


Are you a PILE-ER? We like to use the visual reminder of paper to act as our TO-DO list.  We worry that “out-of-sight” means “out-of-mind”.

Problem: The top sheet may not represent all the actions needed to be done to  that pile, but that's all we see.


Are you a FILE-ER? We tend to love to hang on to things.  “I never know when I may need this” means that an awful lot gets tucked away.

Problem: Unless weeded periodically, the information may outlive its usefulness.   

I’ll be sharing my thoughts and techniques about dealing with paper clutter next Sunday, Feb 9 at a FREE event at the Nahant Public Library (15 Pleasant St, Nahant) 3-4pm. Why not bring a friend and join me? (Snow shovels not required!)



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